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Welcome to the website of the Herring Law Firm, located in Des Moines, Iowa. I am a sole practitioner and practice primarily in the area of civil rights and discrimination law. That means that I limit my practice to matters arising in that area, but also assist people with problems facing them in related areas (mainly having to do with employment or civil rights issues).

By way of example, I have represented college professors in tenure and promotion issues in their colleges or in the courts, I've handled drug–testing challenges for employees and assisted employers in the training and education of their workforce about sexual harassment and other risks to a safe and positive workplace. I have also represented people who were discharged in retaliation for standing up for their rights, and assisted employers when such lawsuits have been brought against them. Obviously, almost anything can happen in a person's employment situation – and does. My job as your attorney would be to protect you from mistakes and errors you or your employer or employees might make, or to find remedies for wrongful behavior toward you.

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